Put Accountability Back on Your Streets

Your community is well-loved. Still, anybody can speed down the street and interrupt the peace and safety you feel walking with your kids. Professional Security Resources (PSR) helps community associations with traffic control inside their neighborhoods. Once you have officers enforcing traffic laws, the speeders are held accountable. Respect goes a long way in a community. Holding drivers accountable lets them know what kind of neighborhood they are in.

Take Control of Traffic Issues

PSR partners with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) off-duty events unit to place uniformed Hillsborough County officers, driving their regular patrol vehicles, in communities all across the county. This allows your community to take control of the traffic situation in specific speeding areas.

Keep Your Children Safe

There may be places where more attention is needed. For example, the streets surrounding a neighborhood park are popular with children. The speeding at those locations truly makes your heart skip a beat. We want to give you peace of mind and teach the drivers in the neighborhood that they will be held accountable when not following traffic laws.

We Make It Easy

PSR provides a centralized payroll service and the insurance coverage required by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s office for working off-duty officers. We handle both of these for you so that you get help for your streets without any extra stress over paperwork. For more information on insurance and taxes involved with directly hiring the officers yourself, check out our FAQs (link).

Workers compensation insurance

Our workers compensation insurance is written specifically for law enforcement officers and protects your organization as well as the officer. (Class Code 7720)

General Liability insurance

Our General Liability Policy has a $3,000,000 general aggregate limit and provides contractual protections for negligent acts and losses due to errors and omissions. Your organization will be included as an additional insured on our policy.

Hassle-free process

You still manage the onsite program and work with your local officers directly. We simply take care of the administrative hassles of payroll and insurance with easy online reporting by the officer, usually right from their car.

Eliminates IRS Concerns

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) frowns upon organizations that avoid the payment of proper payroll taxes by improperly claiming independant contractor status. Make sure you thoroughly review your contract work with the law enforcement agency as well as discussing it with your tax professional.