Yes! You can absolutely hire them directly and you should contact the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) Off-Duty Events Unit at if you choose to do so.

You will need to purchase a workers compensation insurance policy if you do not already have one, a general liability insurance policy if your current one does not cover armed officers, sign an indemnification agreement with the Sheriff’s Office and provide or hire a payroll service for the officers payroll. (Community association insurance policies may not cover the exposures of an armed officer and you should check with your insurance professional first.)

We operate on a sliding scale based upon the total number of hours used, however, it typically runs between $46.00 and $48.00 per hour and there is a four-hour minimum. Communities in the same locale can share a 4 to 6-hour shift to keep costs down and have officers in your community more often. (See below for further information on Share-A-Shift.)

Security agencies can place a security officer in your community with a vehicle for around $20.00 per hour. Security officers cannot stop people, write tickets or effect arrests. Unfortunately, neither kids nor the bad guys have a lot of respect for a security officer.

No. HCSO officers work these type jobs on their days off and only when they choose to do so. If you list a job on their job board, it may or may not be filled, there are no guarantees. We recommend a minimum six-hour shift to make the shift more enticing to off-duty officers.

Yes. Usually. On very rare occasions if there is an extremely serious situation somewhere else in the district, they may be called away. This does not happen very often and when it does, you are only responsible for the hours worked in your community.

Professional Security Resources will work with groups of smaller communities located in the same general vicinity. You will need to locate other associations in your general area and determine if you can Share-A-Shift. If three communities within close proximity pool their resources they could schedule six-hour shifts and take two-hours each. Contact PSR for further information.

No. In fact, our three largest clients are all Hillsborough County Special Dependent Tax Districts. PSR will work with any legitimate, organization, special event, or business that falls within the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office list of approved event types. Contact our office with any questions.