Professional Security Resources is an organization we have counted on for nearly a decade to provide the insurance protections and payroll services necessary to meet our contractual responsibilities with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. We looked at carrying our own workers compensation and general liability insurance policies for armed police officers and it simply was not financially feasible. PSR provides us the protections of a specialty insurance program and eliminates the hassle of a payroll operation and does an outstanding job of it. We would not use off-duty officers without the protections they provide and would recommend this company without reservation.
Bev Snyder
Logan Gate Village Tax District
The Northdale community uses an average of 120-130 hours per month of off-duty Deputy time and Professional Security Resources makes it easy on us. They handle all of the administrative work including payroll and insurance so we do not need to carry additional policies or pay a payroll service. We have worked with this company for nearly ten years and we appreciate all that they do for us and I know our officers do as well. They certainly get the Northdale stamp of approval!
Frank Giordano
Northdale Special Tax District
Rick Pitrowski and his team far exceeded our expectations when we initially called upon them to provide a solution that would allow us to utilize off-duty Sheriff’s Deputies to patrol our roads.”
Lou Bloom
Fish Hawk Trails
“We use Professional Security Resources, Inc. in Lakeshore Estates to meet our contractual obligations with the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office. They handle the payroll and provide the workers compensation and liability insurance coverages that Sheriff Gee requires. They make our lives as volunteers easy and I would highly recommend them to other community associations in the county.”
Jimmy Schramm
Lakeshore Estates